Summer 2015 Internship: Culminating Project #1

I worked on this film as a 'Part Two' to my spring 2015 internship, during the summer of 2015. Where Should I Begin is a short reflection film that I produced for my internship with the SUNY Potsdam College Libraries & Archives in the spring 2015 semester. Told in three parts, this film is a call for liberal arts education told through the context of SUNY Potsdam's Bicentennial Celebrations. The music in this film is made possible by Andrew Seistrup and the Free Music Archive.

Click here to watch the first version of the short film, which was presented at the History and Future of Arts and Sciences panel discussion in 2015.

Click here to watch the 2016 revised version of the short film, which was presented at the 2016 SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference, and is meant for broader audiences.

Recognition from President Kristin G. Esterberg

Following the screening of my film, I received a hand-written letter from the President of SUNY Potsdam, Dr. Kristin Esterberg, congratulating me on my accomplishments throughout my internship. The card read:

"Dear Paul,
What an extraordinary film you created for your internship. You're a true spokesperson for the liberal arts, and I'm so proud of your accomplishments.
My best,
Kristin Esterberg"