Halley is obviously a hard worker. He is intellectually alert. And he is extremely creative. He is a student whom I expect to thrive in a graduate setting with its deepened calls for navigating complexity and for contributing to the larger public. Finally, Halley has a warm and empathetic character. Taken together, these attributes commend him to the fields of librarianship, archival records, and public history.
— Dr. M.J. Heisey, Professor of History, SUNY Potsdam
In the two years I’ve been working with Paul, I’ve seen him mature dramatically. As so often happens in the life of a young person, good ideas come and go...and while Paul is in some ways that typical young person, he has also made important decisions about his academic career, about his life, and about his goals. Mentoring him has been a pleasure, because he is a true learner, putting action to his decisions and revelations. I have no doubt that he is well prepared for a graduate education, and I have seen ample evidence that his choices are reasoned, considered, and thoughtful. He has found a path he wants to walk.
— Jenica P. Rogers, Director of Libraries, Archives, and Applied Learning, SUNY Potsdam