50 Things (Besides Schoolwork) I Have To Do Before I Earn My Degree

I hope to do all or most of these by May 20th, 2017.

  1.  Say thank-you and farewell to every professor who made an impact on my undergraduate career.
  2. Visit certain places on campus that I still have never been to.
  3. Make amends with as many people I can / with whoever is willing.
  4. Decorate my cap for graduation.
  5. Buy five jars of Bone Suckin' Mustard from the local grocery store, because I don't know any other market that sells that mustard.
  6. Spend a solid 48 hours cleaning my disastrous apartment, which includes trying to pick up the almost-fossilized cigarette butts stuck to my concrete porch, left over from the bitter winter.
  7. Say goodbye to the two local taxi drivers. They're great.
  8. Sell back my old textbooks and earn virtually nothing.
  9. Write a letter to my mom.
  10. Mail a special photo album to certain someone.
  11. Write a stellar evaluation for my Geology professor, the teacher who made my fourth attempt at a physical science a successful one.
  12. Hike Stone Valley Trail one more time.
  13. Visit Lehman Park one more time.
  14. Visit the park behind Stewart's one last time.
  15. Spend one-on-one time with as many friends as possible.
  16. Continue to refrain from smoking cigarettes.
  17. Keep on taking my medication.
  18. Write down my biggest regrets on a napkin and flush it down the toilet.
  19. Figure out why it took me four times to earn my physical science credit.
  20. Stop being so hard on myself.
  21. Walk past my first off-campus apartment and remember the good old days.
  22. Write one last college poem.
  23. Go to the bars and actually try to have a good time.
  24. Go the bench - that one bench I need to go to. 
  25. Post an obligatory "Last day of classes as an undergraduate" Facebook status.
  26. Clean my bathtub over the weekend.
  27. Clean my bathroom sink.
  28. Clean my toilet.
  29. Clean my entire bathroom.
  30. Go one whole day without music. 
  31. Choose not to have anxiety about people booing me off the graduation stage.
  32. Accept the fact my Dad won't be at my graduation.
  33. Call my Dad.
  34. Call my Mom.
  35. Go to Potsdam Walmart one last time and make small talk with the cashier.
  36. Check my campus mailbox.
  37. Return all keys.
  38. Do one full lap around campus the night before graduation.
  39. Get a good night's sleep the night before graduation.
  40. Remember to shake everyone's hands on the graduation stage.
  41. Give President Esterberg a hug.
  42. Try not to fall off or across the stage.
  43. Hug my mother.
  44. Take pictures with all of my friends.
  45. Read the letter from my English Professor that I'm not allowed to open until graduation.
  46. Schmooze.
  47. Go back to my college apartment and do a dramatic, obligatory end-of-television-series-style thing where I look inside from the doorway, close the lights, and leave, never to return again.
  48. Sit in the car on the way home, knowing that I did the best I could in college for the cards I was handed.
  49. Look out the window and say thank-you to my stepdad.
  50. Accept that change is coming.