I graduated Suffern High School in 2012, and since then, I've spent my undergraduate career at SUNY Potsdam working toward my bachelor's degree in English Writing.  While at Potsdam, I've worked at the Writer's Block (formerly the College Writing Center) as a writing tutor and also worked with the College Libraries & Archives in many different capacities. I have an interest in digital & social media, libraries, information science, and writing.

Undergraduate Career

Many of the professional experiences that shaped my work ethic, as well as my passion for writing and media, happened at SUNY Potsdam. In 2015, I interned with the SUNY Potsdam College Libraries and Archives as a digital archives intern for the College's Bicentennial Celebrations. I created an online exhibit that showcased SUNY Potsdam's liberal arts history. From there, I produced an 11-minute short film about my experience in that internship, and how it reinforced my passion for a strong liberal arts education. I presented that film at the 2016 SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference. I also played the role of a video journalist and oral historian in my single-seat Honors History 450 course (American Oral History), where I produced an hour-and-a-half documentary film about SUNY Potsdam's history of justice within the last 3 years, showcasing only snippets of what was over 18 hours of content to work with. More of my work can be found here. I have written for The Odyssey Online, The Racquette Newspaper, North Country Literary Magazine and two writing publications on Medium.

Craft & Projects

Click here to view my creative writing publications.  Watch my latest film here.  I'm interested in creative & collaborative project proposals that combine poetic, narrative, and cinematic elements. I am always looking for work that will challenge me. For all inquires, please contact me here.